life sucks; wear a helmet.

Shut-up, @obie

Moving from Rails to serious #nodejs is like fucking a 20 year old (vs thirties). Beauty, but damn, so much immaturity #MEAN— Obie (@obie) July 22, 2014

You’re not mean, you’re just yet-another-sexist-codebro-shortstain at a company with the weirdly phallic name of Javelin. I went to the website and I can’t even figure out what these people do all day 1but I bet their HR department is super busy…

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"Quit Twitter before you’re hard, quit Instagram before you’re soft"

“Quit Twitter before you’re hard, quit Instagram before you’re soft”

the Twitter of today can also be crushing, pessimistic, cruel and exhausting — even though the vast majority of what I come in contact with is as enlightening, refreshing and inspiring as ever. It’s like eating a cookie with poop-covered chocolate chips. Most of the cookie is fine, but what you’ll remember is eating shit.

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Research Workflows and Tips (Primarily Oriented at Academics)

Research Workflows and Tips (Primarily Oriented at Academics)

Liz recently had a conversation going on Facebook where some academic workflows came up. This is the sort of thing I love to read and then run my mouth about, particularly about software and methods of organizing the things that end up getting collected because I think it’s especially relevant to the ABDs.

I had some bookmarks on Pinboard that I hastily shared but I wanted to grab a few more…

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Hobby Lobby’s Sponsorship of a 40 Year Pattern of Moral Failure

Seven Ways from Sunday

For years, Hobby Lobby has been funding a radical fundamentalist ministry which up until very recently was run by a hell-bound pastor accused by more than 30 women of sexual harassment and molestation. One of his victims of his sexual advances was 17 years old. The curriculum at their “training institutes” includes a heavy dose of sexism, theocratic chauvinism and outright misogyny, and the…

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